kris kocurek '06 
You’re on the line of scrimmage, locking eyes with your opponents, mustering up every ounce of your strength as the loud hum of fervent fans rattles your brain. Read here.
Seale Hall
By any other name, Seale Hall would look just the same. But underneath the name is a treasured story of a devoted man, Dr. Edward Wynn Seale. Read here.
Press Release 
The Office of Alumni Services & Giving recently welcomed two new additions to its staff. Learn more about their roles and responsibilities. Read here.
 april 10
Javelina Day at the Capitol will take place in Austin, Texas, April 10. More details will follow soon about the upcoming event.
now open 
Distinguished Alumni 2
Nominations are open for the 2019 Distinguished Alumni and Faculty Awards and for the Javelina Engineering Hall of Fame. Read here.