kris kocurek '06 
You’re on the line of scrimmage, locking eyes with your opponents, mustering up every ounce of your strength as the loud hum of fervent fans rattles your brain. Read here.
Seale Hall
By any other name, Seale Hall would look just the same. But underneath the name is a treasured story of a devoted man, Dr. Edward Wynn Seale. Read here.
lisa carrington firmin '79
Retired U.S. Air Force Col. Lisa Carrington Firmin '79 successfully navigated a challenging military career despite the odds being stacked against her. Read here.
 May 25
A Javelina Track & Field Alumni Reunion will take place May 25 in Kingsville. For more details about the upcoming event, read here.
press release
 The President's Legacy Ball was held on campus on April 6, 2019, with over 350 in attendance. For more details about the event, read here.