EDDIE Brown '05 
Eddie Brown '05 became an overnight comedic sensation after posting a video online highlighting what teachers go through on a daily basis. Read here.
Leila GAlvan '01, '04
Leila Galvan '01, '04 is a proud Javelina Engineer. Learn what a day for her is like as an environmental engineer at LyondellBasell. Read here. 
lisa carrington firmin '79
Retired U.S. Air Force Col. Lisa Carrington Firmin '79 successfully navigated a challenging military career despite the odds being stacked against her. Read here.
press release
The Javelina Alumni Association has announced its 2019 Distinguished Alumni Awards and Rising Stars. To learn more about these prestigious awards, read here.
 now open
The Javelina Alumni Association invites you and a guest for our San Antonio Hog Call! To RSVP to the event, please click here
 now open
Applications to be a board member of the Javelina Alumni Association are now open and will close on Oct. 1, 2019. To apply, please click here.