About the Javelina Alumni Association

The Javelina Alumni Association works hand-in-hand with the university to engage alumni in the life of Javelina Nation.

Membership to the Javelina Alumni Association includes any student who attended Texas A&M University-Kingsville, Texas A&I University, Texas College of Arts and Industries, South Texas State Teachers College, or Texas Normal College at Kingsville (herein noted as Javelina Nation). The purpose of the Alumni Association is to:

  • Engage alumni in the life of the University,
  • Foster a sense of community for all Javelina alumni,
  • To promote positive citizenship to the University and local community,
  • Develop leadership among its members and others,
  • To contribute to the University community in a positive way,
  • To promote cooperation and partnership among the alumni, students, and the University faculty, staff,
  • To review and make recommendations on matters proposed by alumni, students, administrators, faculty, and staff as well as to
  • Provide for the exchange of information, ideas, and opinions between alumni and the University community.


Q: How do I become an active member of the Javelina Alumni Association?

A: Attend an alumni event and/or make an annual contribution to any part of the University, in any amount where you are most passionate. Make a gift here today.


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