STUDENT SUPPORT: It's all about impact.

Scholarships and fellowships change lives and enrich the student body of Javelina Nation. The annual cost of attendance is more than $20,000. With 80% of students receiving financial assistance, scholarships enable students the opportunity to gain the experience as work-ready Javelinas, such as participating in character-building organizations, working part-time jobs or being part of an undergraduate or graduate research program.



Endowed scholarships ensure your legacy. The principle amount of a scholarship endowment is invested and accrues earnings annually that are distributed for awarding, so that your scholarship impacts future generations to come. You may set student criteria such as need-based, merit-based, area of study, graduate or undergraduate students, etc. In addition, the University’s minimum scholarship criterion also applies to endowed scholarships. The number of scholarships and award amounts vary based on specifications, timing of investment and market performance.



Annual scholarships give you flexibility in cost and commitment. You can give either a one-time scholarship or an annual scholarship over a specified number of years. These scholarships can also be need-based, merit-based or both. Criteria and award amounts may be set by the donor. The University’s minimum scholarship criterion also applies to annual scholarships.



These scholarships not only support students, but they pay tribute to an individual, family or organization named by you. Memorial Scholarships can be endowed or based on your annual gift commitment. We are honored to send a general note of tribute to a person, family or organization of your specification as part of the acknowledgement of your contribution – without sharing how much was contributed of course.



Javelina Nation touts nationally and internationally recognized research programs thanks to the talent of dedicated faculty and research students. Graduate fellowships help us recruit exceptional advanced degree candidates and empower them to gain invaluable experience as researchers. In turn, the research they produce impacts our local, national and international communities. Assistantships are invested and funded the same as an endowed scholarship. Minimum criteria may be set by the donor; however, specifications and awards are generally left up to the faculty overseeing the graduate program that the fellowship is established under.