Historically, the Javelina Club served dual purposes: to secure donations for Javelina Athletics and to sell season tickets for Javelina Football. The purpose of the realigned Javelina Club is to build philanthropic, annual support for all Javelina Athletics programs. Annual gifts to Javelina Athletics are recognized through the Javelina Club. These gifts, no matter the size, help to enhance our efforts in recruiting, scholarships, sports-specific needs, and academic support services. This type of annual support is essential to educating, developing and graduating student athletes and it allows us to compete for conference and national championships.

Your generosity to the Javelina Club:

  • provides coaches with the resources to recruit talented student-athletes from around the world
  • provides athletic scholarships, positioning programs to compete for regional and national championships
  • enhances sport-specific resources,including travel and equipment
  • provides student-athletes with access to quality academic support services

It Starts With You

When you make a donation to the Javelina Club, your investment directly impacts the experience of our student-athletes, from the moment they walk on campus until the final day they walk across the stage for graduation.Your investment in the Javelina Club supports our Javelina student-athletes long after their careers end in Kingsville. Their college degree will provide them with a lifetime of professional opportunities.

The Javelina Club ensures that our coaches and student-athletes have the resources needed to compete for Lone Star Conference, regional,and NCAA Division II National Championships.Your support provides us with an opportunity to enhance our recruiting and scholarships,improve our team travel, and upgrade our student-athlete support services. A gift of any size will make you part of our team!


Gift Designation

The realigned Javelina Club provides opportunities for our donors to designate their gift. Donors can now choose to support the recruiting and scholarship budgets for all Javelina athletic programs by giving to the Javelina Club General Fund

Or, donors give to the program of their choice. Current programs include:
  • Athletic Training 
  • Baseball
  • Football 
  • Men's Basketball
  • Intercollegiate Athletic Weight Room
  • Men's Cross County/Track & Field 
  • Softball
  • Women's Cross Country/Track & Field
  • Women's Basketball
  • Women's Golf
  • Women's Tennis
  • Women's Beach Volleyball
  • Women's Court Volleyball

Javelina Club Experience

The Javelina Club is made up of generous donors, passionate about Javelina Athletics and the success of our student athletes. All donors who support Javelina Athletics are part of this team. At every opportunity, students, coaches and staff make an effort to recognize and thank Javelina Club donors. Donors are invited to interact with coaches and student athletes in various events through the year like the Javelina Club BBQ and the Javelina Club Women's Brunch. 

Donor appreciation specific to game day Football include:


Donors who contribute $300 or more to the Javelina Club General Fund receive an invitation for VIP Parking at Javelina Stadium. VIP parking is first-come-first serve. 

Champions Club 

Donors who contribute $1,000 or more to the Javelina Club General Fund will receive two invitations to the Champions Club tent where they enjoy complimentary refreshments & access to cash bar during half-time. The Champions Club is for those 18 or older. Champions Club members also receive access to the T-Room.

Purchasing vs. Donating

Beginning in 2016, all season tickets must be purchased through the ticket office, and all donations supporting Javelina Athletics will be made through the Javelina Club. This approach provides all fans, friends, and donors with clarity and flexibility in making purchases and donations.


Donors who contribute $300 or more to the Javelina Club General Fund have the option of purchasing T-Room passes. Like Season Tickets, these purchases must be made through the ticket office. Each T-Room pass is $50 and provides Javelina Club General Fund donors with half-time access to the T-Room where they enjoy complimentary refreshments and access to a cash bar. 


Questions about Donations?


Questions about Season Tickets & T-Room Passes?

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